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What is the main purpose of website?

There are 4 benefits of having a website

Presentation on product or services

High-quality presentation on product or services can attract new customers or investors. Get them interested to submit a request or make a phone call.

How to create remarkable website content:

  • Photos, videos, and texts
  • Tables
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Image animation and much more

Visitors are more likely to turn to a company with a professionally designed website than a competitor without one.

Sales increase

Your website will focus exclusively on interested customers since selling everything to everyone is not the best practice.

Tips for successful result:

  • A convenient way of providing information
  • Call-to-action blocks
  • Handling customer’s objections
  • Informative and selling text, designed for different stages of buyer readiness.

This way, your business card website will generate stable and predictable sales.



You can gain customer confidence by providing important information to them. It may include:

  • Contact details
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Photo / video of your services
  • Some information about yourself or the company
  • Links to social networks, but only if the pages or groups are well-designed

The more relevant and detailed information you provide, the more potential customers will gain your trust.

Attracting customers

Before ordering a service or making a purchase, 90% of visitors analyze Google’s search results To not to lose potential customers every day, the website provides a wide range of tools for an advertising campaign.

Ways to attract customers to the website:

  • SEO promotion
  • Contextual advertising on Google Ads
  • Contextual advertising on YouTube
  • Social networks
  • Email distribution

After the launch of an advertising campaign, you will receive requests from people interested in buying.


Stages of developing a website

Takes from 7 to 14 days

Stage 1. Creating the website prototype

Experience shows that website creation is better to start with layout development, because it substantially saves time and reduces the number of edits to the design and programming phases.

Work plan:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Research of the niche
  • Formulation of website goals
  • Formation of page logic and structure
  • Defining the necessary functionalities
  • Schematic drawing of blocks and elements of the layout of the future website

A clear idea of where/how the blocks and page elements will be located and what functionality will be used.

Stage 2. Writing a powerful selling text

The task of a good selling text is to catch the visitor’s attention from the first lines, dispel doubts and convince that your offer is the most profitable among all.

Work plan:

  • Determining the structure of selling text
  • Identification of the target audience
  • Creation of a unique selling proposition
  • Work over user objections
  • Proofreading of the text, spell checking
  • Translation of text into a foreign language (optional)

Easy and readable text promotes active sales.  Your offer will look more attractive than competitors.

Stage 3. Design development

The task is to develop a design, which will create a pleasant impression on visitors and stand out against competitors.The design will determine whether the user will take targeted actions: make a call, click on a link, or leave a request.

Work plan:

  • Research and analysis of competitors
  • Drawing of page layouts based on the previously approved prototype
  • Selection of graphic elements (photos, icons)
  • Website design for mobile devices

Properly designed, user-friendly website that draws attention to the primary information and earns visitors’ trust.

Stage 4. Layout and programming

Fast page loading and smooth operation of the website are the keys to a successful project.

Work plan:

  • Adaptive layout (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Integration of layout with CMS WordPress
  • Setting up and finalizing the required functionality
  • Testing the code for errors, fixing bugs
  • Optimizing the page loading speed

The website works without interruptions and is displayed correctly in modern browsers and on different devices. Now you can safely transfer the project to hosting and carry out preparatory work before launching.

Stage 5. Project launching and training

By this time, it is essential to have a prepared business plan for your project’s promotion and development.

Work plan:

  • Transfer of the website to the client’s hosting
  • Connecting the domain name
  • Setting up and connecting the SSL Certificate
  • Configuring the corporate e-mail
  • Optimization of the server operation
  • Training to work with a website (video tutorials and detailed documentation)

You will get an utterly ready-to-use website for conducting online business with a 36-month warranty from the date of launch.

What is included in the website development

Functionality and capabilities

A well-thought-out structure of pages with the necessary functionality and convenient navigation will allow visitors to quickly and easily find the required information in a few clicks.

An entirely ready-to-use website that will present the company’s primary information, products, or services to potential customers.

Typical pages of a business card website:

  • Home page
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • About the company/ About us
  • Price list
  • Contacts

At your disposal you will have a convenient site control board, which will allow you to independently make the necessary changes without special knowledge and professionals’ involvement.

You will also receive detailed instructions on how to manage the website.

You can update your website information on your own:
  • upload photos and videos
  • edit text
  • add a service
  • add news
  • set up a mailing list

Google Analytics is a powerful service for learning detailed information about your website visitors.

You will know:
  • where the transition was made from and by what request
  • what interests users
  • number of new visitors
  • average length of stay on the website
  • how to reduce advertising costs and increase profits

Technical support is an important component of a successful project and a guarantee of non-stop operation in case of failures.

The service includes:
  • Setting up corporate email
  • Protection against hacks and attacks
  • Cloud-based backup
  • Consultations on working with the site

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Website?

    After discussing your website’s requirements and the volume of upcoming work, we can determine the final cost. You can sign up for a consultation with me at any time, and I will name the price for you.

  • Why Order the Website, If You Can do Make It On a Free Website Builder?

    There are many website building platforms, such as Elementor or Wix. If you have a small budget and time for this, then this option is right for you. Keep in mind that this solution has several significant disadvantages – page loading speed, limited functionality, and website builder advertisement on your resource.

    If you value your time and want a website with a unique design, quick loading pages, and a resource with limitless possibilities in terms of functionality, contact me for advice today. I will be glad to help you in this matter.

  • Is It Possible To Get an Invoice?

    If it is important for you to have an invoice, send me a message and I will settle this matter with the accounting department.

  • Why Should I Choose You?

    Finding a skilled web developer for a reasonable price is not so simple. Get in touch with me, and I will make you a website that will be a useful tool for your business development.

    I have been developing websites since 2014 while continuously improving my knowledge in programming and design. I will be glad to take all the technical difficulties upon myself.

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